(Atari 2600 - 2600Jr. - 5200 - 7800 - Jaguar - Sears - Lynx)


The Atari 2600

The Atari 2600Jr.


1978 : The original VCS model had a woodgrain and black plastic case. Six silver switches across the upper front panel. Bundled accessories include two CX40 joysticks, one CX30 padle controller, AC adapter, TV switch and a CX2601 combat game cart.

Atari VCS Specifications
  • CPU : 6507 , 1.19MHz
  • Memory RAM : 128 Bytes in VLSI
  • ROM : 4K max
  • Graphics Clock : 1.19 MHz
  • Storage Carts
  • Notes : 2 Joystick ports
  • Graphics : Stella, custom chip that controlled synch to TV and other video processing tasks


1986 : Atari released an improved version of 2600 model, it features a built in version of "Asteroids". Compatable with the VCS and a new joystick design, UK only. Commando Ikari Warriors and Raiden are the more known conversions. Surprisingly enough, it didn't sell that good, keeping in mind that it had better games than the 2600 and that there was already a library of games available due to backward compatibility.

The Atari 5200


1983 : The 7800 used the state of the art hardware Atari put in their 400/800 Home Computers. However, it was never a success due to its lack of decent games, most of which were the same old releases that had already been seen time and time again, although much inmproved over the Atari 2600 counterpart.

The Atari 7800


1984 : The Atari Jaguar was arguably the world's first 64-bit home console video game system. Developed after three years of research, manufactured by IBM, the Jaguar was released in the autumn of 1993. It never really caught on, mainly due to a lack of decent games and support. Tempest 2000 being the notable exception. Recently released back onto the unsuspecting public by most branches of Games/EB. New PAL models are still easy to get hold of at a reasonable price no less.

The Atari Jaguar


1994 : Atari's first consumer product. The idea was to take all the components of the coin-op Pong board designed by Al Alcorn and put them onto one chip. Fairly rare to find in the UK, but sold in the millions in the USA.

The Atari Sears


1989 : The first color handheld game ever. I remember the commercials on TV from when I was I a kid. I couldn't afford it then...but I'm lucky to own one now :).

Atari Lynx Specifications

  • Processor 'Mikey' 16-bit CMOS chip running at 16MHz. [sound, video, cpu]
  • 'Suzy' 16-bit CMOS tunning at 16MHz. [blitter, math coprocessor]
  • Memory DRAM- 64K 120ns
  • Display 3.5" diagonal LCD display
  • 16 of 4096 colour pallette
  • 160 x 102 resolution.
  • Sound 4 channel sound. 8-bit DAC each channel (32 bits)
  • Stereo with panning (mono for original Lynx)
  • Ports Headphones -mini-DIN 3.5mm stereo; wired for mono on the original
  • ComLynx -multiple unit communications
  • 9V DC, 1A Power
  • Game card slot.
  • 6XAA Battery holder
The Atari 6 buttons classic (rare) - I owe also the 4-buttons version